Notice of a Meeting of all Members

Wednesday 7th February at 7.30pm

at the Mulberry Suite, Brighouse Sixth Form College HD6 1AY

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group hereby give notice of a Meeting of all Members to be held on Wednesday 7th February at the Mulberry Suite, Brighouse High School HD6 1AY at 7.30pm

The terms of the resolution to be proposed are as follows:

That the current Unincorporated Group called Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group is dissolved and that all of its assets are transferred to the newly formed Charitable Incorporated Organisation called Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group whose Charity Registration number is 1176233

The decision on the resolution must be confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.

Prior to the vote the Committee will outline the reasons for proposing the resolution and then be available to answer any questions.

We hope you are able to attend.

Allan Wolfenden. Chairperson CBWG


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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lagoon in danger!

After recent sightings of A Terrapin in our Lagoon - I did a bit of checking to see if they can survive our winters. I found an interesting article on "The Independent" website:

I had an idea they could be a nuisance, but have found out they can be highly destructive to everything else.

Most important Question - Is there only one? or a breeding pair? As the "experts" only THINK their eggs are laid too late & can't survive Autumn.

This animal will dine on everything in the water - Dragonfly Larvae, Tadpoles, Frogs, Fish, Beetles, & when big enough Ducklings & Little Grebe chicks.

We really need to have this beastie REMOVED! Note I don't say destroyed! but removed!, they are fine in the correct place - Aquariums, greenhouses etc. but not munching all our native species.


Steve Blacksmith said...

There were some sightings of terrapins in the Rochdale Canal near Sowerby Bridge in the 1990s. But not since.

AndyC said...

I saw 4 red necked terrapins on the canal near cromwell lock about 10 years ago, floating on a log basking in the sun,,,not to be seen again.

fatherpie said...

We thought we saw a terrapin in the RiverCalder yesterday, underneath a vehicle bridge just along from the weir. We watched it from the foot bridge adjacent. Dave