Tuesday, 27 August 2013

From the undergrowth

Had a good day today, a first for the reserve ? with a Little Egret,(it appears we have had them before, thanks to Andy C for the info ) a few Common Darter around ,Jay, Woodpecker, Chaffinch ,LTT , Great tit,Wren ,Robin, all at the feeders.
Little Egret taken from the bailey bridge long way off but a record shot


Speckled Wood

Common     Darter

Green Viened White

Fungus 6" in diameter ?

Wren eating grass seed heads


Commom Darter


Colin D said...

Nice work on the Egret
I wonder if the Wren is picking of Grass Bugs these Mirids will ascend the stems and are easy picking , for a keen Wren ?

AndyC said...

Little Egret is a great record and the ring is very interesting,could you get anything on it.?? There have been a couple of records of Little Egret at CB...

gwh said...

Thanks guys sorry Andy have tried but its just too far away.gwh

Andy Kiz said...

shame about the legring, good record for the reserve. Great white next?!

Steve Blacksmith said...

I remember two Little Egrets together at the Lillands in April or May 2003 but that's out of the reserve, half way down to Brighouse, if that's the couple Andy is referring to?

So, unless Andy remembers others, yours might be the first record for the reserve . . . ?

Well done Graham in any case.

NTBR said...

Good work Graham.

AndyC said...

The first 2 little egrets in Calderdale were seen circling above Cromwell Bottom 5th may 2003,they eventually settled at lilliands ponds.in 2008 1 flew west over Cromwell Bottom 17th May and 2 flew west along Elland wood Bottom 21st July 2008,so Grahams bird was the first one to be seen on the ground at CB.: ))