Friday, 12 July 2013

Meeting at Tag Cut 11th July

There were eight of us meeting to discuss important issues regarding water on the site. Tag cut was the main area of concern. Whilst the plant encroachment in the old canal is a diverse habitat the opinion was that some thinning of this growth is essential to encourage once common dragonflies.

These two pictures show  "New Pond" now dry. Work is needed to maintain a reasonable water level all year round.

Part way down "Tag" the group looked at the choked canal.

These pictures show the very low level of the water in the cut. 

Although it is very silted with mud, soil and fallen trees we felt that the water depth could be increased without much disturbance.

Along the "River Walk"

Some sections of the path suffer from excess water during wet weather. We discussed various solutions to this problem.

Attendees were: Hugh, Robin, Colin, Graham, Allan, Mike, David and Bruce

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