Sunday, 7 July 2013

From the undergrowth

Down early this morning only to be greeted with the feeding area destroyed by what i can only descibe as morons . Few pics below . On a better note what a lovely morning to be out Butterflys out in good numbers as are the birds .

Chiff Chaff

Willow Warbler


Gooseanders going like the clappers


Gossander young


5 spot Burnret Moth


Not sure what type of grass but like the shape


B.Nield said...

Not sure I would use the term Moron, applied to the mindless vandals. Cant they get their PlayStation, TV & stereo treated the same way?
Goosander racing! I like it - bet your tenner was on No6 - that one at the back!

Ken said...

Can we put a sign up saying this area is monitored 24hrs a day by CCTV.........but, they probably can't read..

Sam Britton said...

This is awful! I was only down on Sat morning : ( utter utter scumbags.

gwh said...

Thank you all for your comments i dont know what the solution is but we canot let them beat us . GWH

Steve Blacksmith said...

I'm sorry all your hard work has been wrecked. I'm sure you won't give up on it.
I was going to say the same thing as Barry about the young Goosanders - looks like school sports day on the river!
The grass is Foxtail. There are larger farmers' versions called Timothy grass, which turn up in the wild.

Dave Brotherton said...

so sad, the scumbags what do they get out of it,must make them feel tough

BDR said...

I agree with your sentiment regarding not giving up. I have witnessed the pleasure the feeding area brings to so many people, myself included. When my mate Paul introduced me to CB I was so impressed with the fantastic effort made by the group in creating such a fantastic facility that I was motivated to join. It would be a shame to allow this event to spoil the pleasure of so many. I hope I can help lend a hand repairing the damage.

Philip said...

The grass is actually a Timothy, similar to meadow foxtail but flowers later in the year.