Monday, 22 July 2013

From the undergrowth

Not able to get down today until late afternoon glad it happened that way as i had a magical hour watching the Kingfishers  , here are a few from today.
Small Tortoiseshell

Medow Brown

Shaded Broadbar


Common Blue Damselfly

6 spot Burnett moth

Green veined white

Large White


Common Blue possibly Variant 
 Below are just a few of about 300 pictures i haven't had time to go through then all yet but will update when i get chance
Kingfisher pair

on his own




Head first
                                          Click on the image for a better view  . yours gwh


Dave Brotherton said...

Lovely shots

gwh said...

thanks Dave yours graham

Colin D said...

The Moth is The Shaded Broadbar very common at Cromwell this time of Year

Butteflies are Small Tortoise , Meadow Brown and Green Veined White

The two Blue things on the Platform I believe are Allans Slippers . Nice shots

gwh said...

Thanks Colin . yours Graham

B.Nield said...

Yes - I had the 2 for 45mins Sun Evening, one keeps vanishing & coming back - the other seems to really like our depth guage!

gwh said...

Just the same Barry one dissapeared and came back for alook and the other stayed on the depth guage fishing away it caught at least 6. yours Graham