Monday, 17 June 2013

Pics from the last week!

I had thought they were all "Early" Purple Orchids - But when looking at the pics I wasn't so sure?
Some of the Orchids currently in flower:

Whilst I was sat for a while watching something an interesting fly kept moving around me:

I thought this was a cracker, really liked the colours. It also seemed to be looking for grass pollen & passed a clear bead of liquid from the back end.
Spotted this Beetle whilst watching the fly:
Right in front of me, for ages sat still was this:
I think it's a Lacewing?
A few patches of these were around - they seemed to attract a lot of insects!
 & a caterpillar had one end truly stuffed inside this Cowslip!
Damselflies are building up:
Birds Foot Trefoil out in large quantities:

Managed to grab another Whitethroat - Recognise those damn caterpillars?

 Couple of a Scorpion Fly

 & another unknown Fly:
More Northumbrian Trip Pics on the Offsite Page!
Meet in the car park!

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Colin D said...

A Good Selection Barry

The Hoverfly was a good find a profile view of Leuconzona lucorum.
You also have a female Scorpion Fly Panorpa sp ( Female) Likely P.communic but cant be taken to species from photograph unless a male. Your Beetle is a Soldier Beetle Cantharis Sp but you need a top view likey C.rustica from banded legs . A recent post elswhere showed Whitethroat feeding on the same You also have a Souther Marsh Orchid. Common Bistort, Your Lacewing is likely Chrysopa perla but underside and shape of head spots thereon would confirm absolutely more so perla as we have limitted conifers at Cromwell You also have an Azure Damselfly