Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summers Coming

Due a to lack of my usual subjects having jiggered off or almost impossible to get near, I've been enjoying walks round the reserve in the afternoon sunshine of late.
Bird wise we have many nice migrants on site, Willow Warblers, Chiff Chaffs, Blackcaps, Whitethroats. Some of us have seen Wood Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat & this weekend Spotted Flycatcher has been seen, with the new Tree Sparrow Farm at risk of becoming a Blue Tit Farm!

So like most people with cameras - I've been looking at the Flowers & Insects instead.
Here's some flowering plants seen this weekend - I'm no plant expert so anybody who knows what they are (if I am wrong) Please tell! I'll edit the names in later. Thanks Colin - Names now attached!

 Plant 1 - Pink Purslane
 Plant 2 - Forget Me Not with Melanostoma Scalare Hover Fly
 Plant 3 - Forget Me Not
 Plant 4 - Red Campion
 Plant 5 - Flowering Nettle
 Plant 6 - Wild Garlic
 Plant 7 - Bush Vetch

 Plant 8 - Brassicas
 Plant 9 - Buttercup
 Plant 10 - Bluebell
 Plant 11 - Broom
 Plant 12 - Apple Blossom
 Plant 13 - Sphagnum Moss?
 Plant 13 - Sphagnum Moss?
 Plant 14 - Sphagnum Moss?
Plant 14 - Sphagnum Moss?

Both 13 & 14 were up in the Sphagnum Bog area but clearly 2 different types of flower/head. No.14 has interesting hairs & Fungus? on it. I belive these are both Polytrichum Strictum

Managed to catch one of these stationary :
 Orange Tip

Click Beetle - Athous Sp.
I found four of them on this nettle plant.

 I Do know what this is - A Goosander!
He's on guard! His lady friend is hiding out nearby.


Colin D said...

You have a Selection of Flowers Red Campion , Cow Parsley , Forget Me Not with Melanostoma scalare , A hoverfly, Pink Purslane , Ramsons or Wild garlic, Bush Vetch and Bluebell A click Beetle Athous sp The Butterfly is an Orange Tip probably a Female feeding on Brassicas the early spring Plants The Buttercup either Meadow* or creeping need the leaves to be sure Broom ( pea Family) Apple blossom

B.Nield said...

Thanks Colin - Tidied all the names up, Interestingly the Orange Tip, had no Orange tips, when it flew off!

Bruce said...

Nice set of pictures Barry

charlie streets said...

Only the males have orange tips.