Saturday 4 May 2013

Palmate Newts

Juvenile Palmate Newts are now leaving the ponds. Having over-wintered as tadpoles, they have resorbed their gills and are starting to adopt a terrestrial existence. Meanwhile, mature males have moved into the ponds where they are displaying to the females.  


AndyC said...
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AndyC said...

4 male and 10 female palmates netted last night , and another 20 + palmates torched in the ponds. Thanks to Steve Cummings

AndyC said...

and 1 male Smooth Newt..

TheBaldIbis said...

.........and 2 newt larvae.
No sign of any frog tadpoles, but no surprise here as they may all have been predated by the adult newts.

The muddy conditions within the pond make torch and net surveying difficult so these results are seen as a big underestimation of the population. There may well have been frog tadpole present but none were seen during the hour spent doing the survey.

The male Smooth Newt was a bit of a surprise......only one.