Thursday, 25 April 2013

Recent Snaps

I am still scratching my head about the Redpolls still being around - All our summer migrants are here now & they are usually gone by then.
But as I love the LBJ's I'll just enjoy the extra time.

A few Lesser Redpolls from recently:

Bullfinches are looking proper smart now:

Blue Tits are building nests & pairing up all over:

& even the Jays have become very active - This one was after complete fatballs to snack on.

Late Addition:
As next week is Bank Holiday Weekend It's getting close to my "Wanna go to Bempton" time of year.
To those who know me, Committee members & others - WHO FANCIES GOING SOMEWHERE?
I will be getting out if the weathers decent anyway but why not have a Cromwell Trip out? & where would you guys want to go?
Theres a good chance I'll be looking at Black Grouse & A Reserve after, this weekend.

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