Sunday, 14 October 2012

Todays report!

The 3 little tree tops inserted last night have put the balance back for the small birds. On the 2 occasions this afternoon that the Sparrowhawk attempted stikes he failed! They have that split second extra to react now.
Our single Lesser Redpoll visitor was around a few times & there was 4 different individual Siskins through the day, 2males, 1female, & 1 juv. G.S. & Green Woodpecker heard but not seen, 2male & 1female Bullfinch, Robin & all the usual Tit flock. The Magpies are doing a good job assaulting the Squirrel & seeing him off & just after lunch my attention was drawn to the crying out in the sky!

Way up circling around the Pylon:

Didn't think it would be any use, but after some playing around with the image a while Ta Daaaa!
Do you think it is looking at me?
Circled round & round going in a N.Westerly direction.


Bruce said...

Brilliant shot Barry. One day I will see one on site.

B.Nield said...

ON SITE would be very nice - but that will the day there's a carcass lying around to attract their attention & we would probably have Buzzard at that time too!
It's also possible if one is passing over when they are cutting the meadow as they love to search behind tractors cutting & digging fields.
Ah well! over site will have to do.

Andy Kiz said...

Excellent shot of the Kite, beautiful! And a cracking record for the year too.

Bruce said...

Yes I do think the kite is looking at you. Perhaps it's because you are usually stationary you looked like carrion.

Only joking Barry. See you later.