Sunday, 7 October 2012

This Weekend at the Feeders.

Firstly I have to say thanks to the Lady who donated a bag of Niger, & a massive THANKS! to the kind Gent who today donated 23Kg of food for the birds.
I have in my possession a 20Kg bag of mixed seed, 2Kg bag of Peanuts & 1Kg of Niger.
Whoever is our food Co-Ordinator - Please contact me & arrange a pass over of this generous donation, & get information where to get the 20Kg bags of seed from.

The Male Greater Pecker has been noshing all the fat ball bits we stick into the holes, but is very nervous with people around & is off the second you move or try to get the camera onto it. Other than that all the usual suspects at the feeders.

I have noticed some strange "nostrils" on some of the Siskin:

The work party put some holes in the Cross Beam yesterday - today Less than 12hrs later, Aye Up! what's this in here?
Finally a L.T.Tit on the right side of a branch. 
Our Resident "Racket maker" 
Waiting It's turn! 
Complaining it wants a go. 


Bruce said...

Good pictures Barry. We were down today along with Jennifer and Allan and hopefully some new members! If you can get the feed to us on Saturday in the car park at 9:30 that would be great. Unless a member has a better arrangement. Clearly a lot of people appreciate the area and its birds.

Tracy C said...

Hi. It was myself who gave you the niger. I will bring the peanuts as soon as I can. Probably next weekend.

Got some cracking photos so thanks.

Bruce said...

Many thanks Tracy for you gift. Introduce yourself if you see us down there. I am sure you will recognise some of us.

B.Nield said...

I can carry the niger & Peanuts down use & leave in tub - But I ain't going to try carrying the 20Kg bag across site!!!! Thats how I ended up putting in my car, the kind Gent didn't fancy that either lol.
Thanks again Tracy - the Peanut delivery will be fine whenever convenient. Hopefully the Redpoll's will be back for you next weekend.

Tracy C said...

So do I. I think I spoke to you a few weeks ago Bruce before the gate went up.

My daughter and I were both taking photos and my son was messing about with sticks until one of you distracted him with putting some food out!

gwh said...

Hi Tracy that was me , glad to hear you came back and thank you very much for the seed it is geatly appriciated. yours graham