Monday 29 October 2012

Sad Saturday!

Had visit for a while on Saturday!
It would appear that some scummy person(s) had stolen the Camo netting we put up at the screen so people could be hidden & enjoy the close views, apparantly on Thurs afternoon/evening.
It will have taken them a while to remove & they had to spend a lot of time at the front of the screen "pinging" nails to do it.
What a shame! - everything at Cromwell is donated or voluteered for the enjoyment of others, & there are people who will spend time stealing stuff & wrecking it for everybody.
Many thanks to the kind Gent who donated the netting to us! (He's most impressed) We weaved a few Oak leaves in on Sunday, hoping this may help disguise Human movement.
Hopefully everyone who has thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the screen watching or having lunch can continue to do so with minimal disturbance to the 'lil birdies!

On a better note:
Our visiting Lesser Redpolls are all over the reserve with Siskin, but are slowly building up at the feeders to a couple of groups 6 or 8 strong.
We also had a Peregrine slowly glide over on Sat morning & 3 male + 3 female bullfich are regulars at the feeders on & off through the day.

A couple of our friends posing!

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gwh said...

Good pic's as always no1 is a great pose . yours Graham