Tuesday, 16 October 2012

 Monday i was there for 3 hours not much about,
got some nice shots of a Redpoll and Long Tailed Tit.



B.Nield said...

A proper Redpoll lol
More importantly a different one to the one I got.

AndyC said...

great shot of the redpoll,got any more of this one.??

B.Nield said...

Has anyone else noticed - the Redpoll has a red ring on it's left leg?
I never spotted any rings on last year's Redpolls.
Chris - do you have any shots where you can see the writing on the ring?
May be interesting to find out any history on the little lass!

Unknown said...

No ring, either light efect or sore leg,

B.Nield said...

Really! - Doesn't half look like a small ring. Shame we could have found out where it came from.
Thanks for checking!