Friday, 14 September 2012

Today we had a great working day on site at Cromwell Bottom. The new screen is coming on
 great. No sooner had we stopped for lunch when we were rewarded by seeing lots of birds coming down to feed. I went back down later and just sat and watched lots of Blue Tits, Great Tits, Bull Finches and a Chaffinch.

The Tree Creeper that Mike saw  had crept away and was nowhere to be seem seen. But, I was rewarded with 10 Long Tailed Tits all on the fat balls near the screen. Think what it will be like whe we get into Autumn annd Winter proper.

Let me encourage everyone who can to come and join us in the development on the wonderful site. The work days are a great opportunity to give somthing  back and help maintain and develop this wonderful reserve.

A big word of thanks to Graham for the planning and organising that went into the work day.

If you come to watch the birds bring some wild bird food with you ( No bread please) As well as just coming down to have a walk, watch or photograph the birds etc why not join the Wild Life Group. It only costs £5:00 at the moment to join and all the money goes on food and other important items for the reserve. Can you really get better value for £5?

On another note. When do you think the Redpols will be back? Let's have a bit of fun and see if anyone can guess the time and date via the blog. I am going to go for Sat 13th of October. (AM)


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gwh said...

well said Allan for a 5ver best entertainment in town. gwh