Saturday, 8 September 2012

Open Day September 8th

Many thanks to all who came to the open day in Brighouse both volunteers and guests. We had a good day with many locals finding out about Cromwell Reserve for  the first time, we hope to see all new visitors down there at some time in the future. yours Graham.


Tony said...


mentioned at the open day that I'd seen a huge caterpillar at Cromwell Bottom last monday (3 Sept). after looking at the images online it appears to have been an Elephant hawk moth.

Bruce said...

Hi Tony
Charlie Streets has replied to your observation.

"Hi Bruce, Elephant Hawkmoths are quite common and if there's Rosebay
Willowherb about there's a good chance the larvae may be present.Now
is the time of year when they become easily visible even to
non-lepidopterists. They sit openly by day on their foodplant where
their huge size is quite striking.

It's a nice little project rearing them through!