Sunday, 23 September 2012

At The Feeders

Had a couple of hours at the new screen today:
Lots of Blue Tits - A flock of 20-30 were wandering around & hitting the feeders now & then.
10+ Chaffinch, 10+ Goldfinch, 4-5 Coal Tits, up to 10 or so Great Tits, a Robin & a Dunnock, & 6-7 L.T.Tits keep coming back to the fat balls. There's a pair of Bullfinch regularly, especially the male & more importantly I gave up counting the Siskin today at 20+, 12-15 were regularly on the deck next to the table. You can see the Niger feeders empty whilst your there for an hour or so. A G.S.Woodpecker & a couple of Magpie's were lurking but not brave enough to come with people around yet.

Some of the Siskin around today:

One of the Goldfinch:

& the Scrappy Bullfinch:
Difficult conditions for Photos but really nice views for watching!


Bruce said...

Cracking Pictures Barry. The pale one is especially good. Can't wait for you know what!

Allan said...

Great Pictures Barry, Allan