Friday, 10 August 2012

Cromwell This Lunchtime - Purple Hairstreak

The Environment Agency were down on the river today (thanks Robin for the text). They were surveying the Calder below the weir for numbers/species of fish. I hopefully we will get info from them.

 Also spotted was a male Broad Bodied Blue Chaser Colinsia dukensii. They are sometimes seen skulking in low herbage. It was quite a bold specimen and approached me without fear and communicated with me in a strange tongue.

Colinsia dukensii
On a serious note - Colin reports "large numbers" of Purple Hairstreak on oak very close to the reserve.

The debris on the overhanging branch gives an indication of the hight of the river during the recent floods.


Colin D said...

LOL Good to see you down there Bruce :-) Observing

charlie streets said...

Any chance of directions to this oak with the Purple Hairstreaks? I wouldn't mind trying to get a few shots of them.