Sunday, 8 July 2012

Just come back from camping and thought I`d have a hour at CB this morning and saw this.
Is it a Bird , is it a Hide NO its a bird (woman) inside a tent! camping on the footpath by cromwell bridge. Just had to post this.
Fogot to mention a roe deer in the trees L/H/S between the canal & the calder heading towards the lagoon just before the bridge over to the feeding station.


Bruce said...

Thanks Chris
We had a similar encounter with a tent on the canal tow-path a couple of months ago. Just what possesses these people to camp on tarmac and not grass beats me.

Anonymous said...

The tent is owned by a nice lady who lives in it alone. She moves around the area and she's always immaculately presented whenever I see her. I would imagine she camps on the towpath to make it easier to access the shops and find her way about in the dark - plus she moves her belongings (and tent) around on a small trolly. I can't imagine how lonely and depressing these last few months of rain have been for her.

Bruce said...

Many thanks for the information Anonymous. It's not very nice when life comes to this.