Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Not just for birds!

Had a nice lunchtime trip to CB today, it was very warm and pleasant. I decided to look a bit closer today and try my hand at photographing some butterflies, flowers & dragonfiles too.

I walked tag loop and picked up this Small Tortoiseshell

A little further around I came across this Large Red Damselfly which was a first (of many im sure) for me. 

Also spotted these lovely flowers alongside the path not far from the iron stream, not sure what they are?

These also caught my eye (again no idea what they are!)

It was pretty quiet around here in terms of birds, Willow Warbler, Chiffy & Long Tailed Tit & I thought I heard a Whitethroat calling along the old canal but unable to find it.
I carried on round to the feeding station where 3 Bullfinch (2 males, 1 female) were feeding on the ground, and one was eating from the seed table.

I crossed the river and heard numerous Whitethroats along the riverside, at least 5 possibly more. A few Goldfinch flew over and a Great Spotted Woodpecker was continuously calling from the other side of the river.

Looking over the main lake I could hear a Reed Warbler in full song but still unable to connect, seems to be too far away, (somewhere in the middle of the reedbed) to be seen. A single Coot with 1 young was on the lake, surprised to only see one but its better than none at all!

As I crossed between the lakes I heard 2 Reed Buntings calling to each other from either lake and a couple of Wrens in full song. I then realised what time it was and quickly headed back up the canal path for a more direct route, en-route I heard a Chiffchaff really going for it but not in its typical call, it was more like a chaff-chaff-chaff-chaff-chiff!

Another enjoyable visit to this wonderful reserve.

Long-Tailed Tit
Reed Warbler
Great Tit
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Mallard (on the river with 7 young)
Reed Bunting



Andy Kiz said...

Just realised I also took some pictures of what I think is an Azure Damselfly, will try upload them tonight.

Bruce said...

Hi Andy
The yellow flower is Flag Iris. Not sure what the other is although Speedwell comes to mind.

Andy Kiz said...

Thanks Bruce. Its not speedwell, the flower spikes were very large in terms of width

gwh said...

hi Andy you were just coming in as i was leaving , the purple flower is an early orchid , the other as Bruce said is a flag iris. yours gwh

Andy Kiz said...

Thanks Graham, I didnt recognise you for some reason! were you the chap just arriving at the car park?

John kerry said...

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