Friday, 22 June 2012

Colin Dukes Memorial Stone

The stone is now in position on the top pad. I have to thank Marshalls PLC for supplying and delivering the stone and in particular Neil Davidson and Dave Smith of Marshalls for making it possible and not least to the delivery driver who made a difficult task look simple. A plaque will be fixed to the stone and a dedication will be done on site at a later date, and last but by no means least to all of you who made donations, thank you all on behalf of the group. yours Graham

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Bruce said...

I can only echo your words Graham. A good job by all involved. Four Group Members turned out, Robin, Graham, Mike and myself, in heavy rain to oversee the placing of the stone.

Many thanks to the groups and individuals who gave generously for this Memorial and the upkeep of the bird feeding area. There is still lots to be done.