Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wobblers and Whitethroats!

A lovely warm day today, felt like a spring day again (at last!). I set off from the fishermans car park where there was nothing on the feeders. As I entered the reserve I could hear plenty of Jays squabling, I decided to have a look what was going on, I noted at least 4 Jays and a carrion crow nearby, I think they were upset by its presence and were making a real racket!

I reached the feeding station which again was noticably quiet with just 1 blue & 1 great tit.

As I crossed the river I saw a bird move alongside the river, a lovely female blackcap which disappeared as soon as I turned the camera on! Just a few yards away I could clearly hear a whitethroat calling and was rewarded with a very obliging bird, I even managed a few good pictures! After taking these I was fortunate enough to see another just a few yards away but didnt manage any pictures of this one.

I walked further along the river and managed to locate the female goosander with 4 gorgeous chicks.

I checked over the reed bed and was surrounded by a wall of sound. Reed warbler, Sedge Warbler, Reed bunting and chiffchaff were all going for it trying to outsing each other, a wonderful sound! Couple of mallard now on the reed bed pool & coot.

Taking the route between the 2 large pools I heard plenty of wrens adding to the birdsong and arriving at the other side saw numerous swifts flying over the ski lake. There was a grey heron on the other side of the ski lake with potentially 2 young but could only make out grey blobs next to the new white ramp, I really cant be sure though. 
On my way back towards the bridge over the river I heard 2 willow warbler singing and also saw a song thrush mimicking the beginning of a sedge warbler call! Also saw this peacock butterfly sunbathing on the path!

Arriving back at the feeding station things had picked up with 3 bullfinch (2 female + 1 male) and a chaffinch... and a cyclist. Still numerous dogs off leads around the reserve.

As I headed off over the yellow brick road I heard the Jays squabbling again as I headed back to work after a lovely lunchtime at Cromwell Bottom.

Species List:

Jay x 4
Blue Tit
Great Tit
Chiffchaff (heard)
Bullfinch x 3
Whitethroat x 2
Long-Tailed Tit x 2
Reed Bunting
Canada Geese
Reed Warbler (heard)
Sedge Warbler (heard)
Song Thrush
Carrion Crow
Black-headed gull
Goosander (female with 4 chicks)
Grey Heron
Willow Warbler (heard)


Bruce said...

A lunchtime well spent Andy.
See you next Wednesday.

streetburner said...

Nice shots Andy, don`t know about a lunch break, sounds like you were at it all day!!!!!!!
Job well done..

Andy Kiz said...

Thanks, just shows what you can pick up in just over an hour!

Bruce said...

Over an hour for lunch!?!?

Andy Kiz said...

Well I get an hour, may have been a little late but I don't get paid for the overtime I do so what's a few minutes!