Thursday, 19 April 2012

Help Feed The Birds

If you have enjoyed the seeing the birds either on the feeders or on the web site help us to feed them by becoming a member of our group, the feeders cost approx £30- £40 a month to keep up to, this has been coming out of our own pockets not out of the group funds which are slim, so MEMBERSHIP is now open and is £5 for the year April to April. For this you will get a members card a news letter twice a year and we are working on a members only page on the web site. Your £5 will help us buy feed in bulk and save costs, (two £5 memberships will buy a large bag of bird seed) you will also notice on the blog other forms of fund raising ideas coming up, if you can help please do. Because of the data protection act the only way I can do this is to give you my e-mail address which is  if you can send me an e-mail with either your e-mail address or a telephone number I will give you an address to send your funds to and if you want to gift aid us some extra we will gladly accept. We have been given a large porta cabin which is in need of a lot TLC and will hopefully become a drop in / meeting area but we require funds to do this also. We have a long term plan for the site but without funds its not going to happen, please help . Yours Graham

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