Thursday, 29 March 2012

Visitors to the site

We have almost 10000 hits on the web site and you are responsible THANK YOU for the interest but can we make it any better , for those of you viewing from elsewhere in the country or in fact abroad get in touch with us tell us a little about yourself and why you join us on the blog maybe your from the area or found us by accident how can we improve the site for you , we want to move forward with you . yours GWH


Andy Kiz said...

Would be nice to make it a bit more 'modern' a bit like the calderdale birds site which just seems somehow tidier!

Bruce said...

Understood Andy. This site however covers all wildlife on the site - all flora and fauna. If it's tidier we would need to remove some reports, pages and links. Please suggest what you think is not required and we definitely consider removing it and slimming it down.

John N said...

Please, please don't touch the site. This is a proactive blog. There is info on the site such as descriptions, access, bird song, meetings organised both indoor and outdoor, maps, links, pages of news, disabled access, site images, they promote other sites and their publications. People get involved there. They want to put something back, not just take.

On the other hand, The Calderdale Bird blog is very passive and primitive and is just a list of birds taken from their notebooks with no more information. They have:

No site descriptions. I have no idea where some of these sites they name are.

No site visits organised. I would like to go sometime on an organised walk with some bird experts. Do they do any?

No information pages regarding future events (perhaps there aren't any!)

I would like to bet that they have a little competition as to who bags most species in a month as well. I did things like that when at school. On the positive side you can help with nest boxes and seed scattering sometime, if they tell you where to meet!

Come on Bird watchers club don’t be selfish and give more information like the other blogs do.

Please lets have more of the Cromwell Bottom blog style not less

John N

Anonymous said...

I am not a member of this web site but I must agree with John N. This is a superb site with lots of info and will educate people. this is very important. I looked at the bird watcher site and there is no information at all just a list there cannot be any teachers on the bird blog web if there were they would be ashamed at the lack of education.

gwh said...

Thank you all for your comments and keep them coming ,to Andy , i think Bruce said it about right although i think the younger generation tend to want sommthing more upbeat for want of a better phrase, we are trying to get a feel of what people are looking for on the blog, from comments so far it appears we are not far off the mark . yours GWH

Andy Kiz said...

I Certainly didn't mean removing content I meant more the look, I feel it could do with a bit of a facelift (in my opinion) to make it look less old fashioned thats all. I love the site and its content please don't get me wrong on that!

Bruce said...

OK Andy, point taken.
We are open to suggestion. Advice on the look of the site will be most welcome.