Wednesday 28 March 2012

hyacinthoides non scripta

First seen in Strangstry Wood, Cromwell Bottom on 24/3/2012 by Chris Yeates - thanks for the early record Chris. This photo was taken today, 28/3/2012 nearby in Elland Park Wood by Mike Sykes.

Bluebell  © Michael  Sykes


Anonymous said...

If this is the English bluebell is it not hyacinthoides non scripta?

Bruce said...

Thank you Anonymous for seeing the error.
We rely on the feedback of others to question any errors. Caption corrected.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Not a problem errors happen :)

Bruce said...

Anonymous from Dewsbury? Join the blog if you want. Input always welcome. Just email us

Bruce (Admin)

Anonymous said...

Have sent an email thanks.