Saturday, 11 February 2012

Volunteer Day

Many thanks to those who braved the weather today,we had a new face in Chris Burns welcome Chris and hope to see you again, we have placed 12 bird box's around the reserve so far and will be monitoring those for signs of life in the near future, also we cleared some more of the encroaching trees on the reed bed lagoon. People are starting to take notice now that we are doing things to the site we had one person today asking if he could pick up the litter and the new feeder area is a very popular attraction. This area will be dedicated to Colin Duke who I'm sure most of you knew and was devoted to wildlife and its conservation and a plaque will be erected in his memory later on this year and is well deserved. Bruce has a few pic's of today's festivity's which i'm sure he will be putting on the blog in due course. Yours GWH

Link to more pictures.

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