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Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello from me...

I'm a newbie to the Cromwell Bottom Blog and I'm glad to be here having seen the submissions!  I'm very lucky to have Cromwell Bottom on my doorstep as I live just off Lower Edge in Elland and I've been walking the area with my family for a good few years now.  I hadn't realised the blog existed until recently so a quick e-mail to Bruce and hey-presto I'm here.

I won't flood the blog with photographs but I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a few shots from the last week.  My daughter (10 years old going on 45) and I were out kingfisher spotting during half-term  and we also spent a bit of time down by the feeding station. 

Minding his business near the feeders at the car park near Crowther Bridge.

 Watching and waiting on the canal side near Crowther Bridge.

Waiting for Nyger at the feeding station 

There will be more, I'm so local it would be silly not to get more involved in the reserve and the blog.  Please say hello and introduce yourselves, it'd be nice to meet some kindred spirits.



Bruce said...

You are very welcome Chris.
Stunning photos.
You are very welcome to come along to the AGM and any work party if you wish.

Chris Latham said...

Thanks Bruce, I'm looking to get involved so I'll keep an eye open for events, etc.

gwh said...

Welcome to the blog and reserve Chris as Bruce say's your more than welcome to get involved yours GWH

Andy Kiz said...

Welcome Chris, the more contributors the better and please post any decent photos, they are always nice to see. Is your daughter in a Wildlife Explorer group with the RSPB, would reccomend it if any of your kids are interested in wildlife.

Chris Latham said...

Andy, she is a fully paid up member of the RSPB and has submitted photographs of her own to the junior magazine (non published yet but hopeful). We go to Fairburn Ings quite a lot and we're also members of YWT.

Andy Kiz said...

I'm a leader of the Bradford wex group if you want to come along anytime, we encourage parents to come too. If you want anymore info let me know

Chris Latham said...

Thanks Andy - When is next WEX group and how often are they? I'd be delighted to come along with my little 'un.