Thursday, 12 January 2012

RSPB Meeting Today

Firstly thanks to everyone who attended today , the day started with SUNSHINE (at last), an aerial display from a sparrowhawk and ended with a kingfisher and we had some dam good info and advice in between .
To Chris and Nigel (RSPB) many thanks for your time and attention , and we look forward to seeing your report and of course your welcome to come back at any time. yours GWH      Photo Link


Bruce said...

Many thanks to The RSPB representatives for giving us valuable advice and to Graham, Robin and Hugh for organising this meeting.

Mike Henshaw said...

Great meeting and now look forward to the report from Chris who thinks the site is a gem.

Andy Kiz said...

Look forward to the report. Could anyone post up what was discussed on the day?

Bruce said...

Hi Andy
The report will be posted as soon as we receive it from Chris at the RSPB.
Hopefully before the next indoor meeting on the 24th. You are welcome to attend.