Monday, 30 January 2012

Results of Meeting on 30th January re Budget proposals

Please find attached a note from Monday's well attended meeting. 
This has been emailed to colleagues from Anthony Rae.
The deadline is next Wednesday 8th February budget(at); the 
following Monday 13th is when the Cabinet will actually make its budget recommendations.
I've already prepared a draft of our joint statement and I will circulate it to you as soon as possible for comment/approval;
Then next Thursday 9th February 6 p.m. the council's Communities Scrutiny panel will be reviewing budget proposals including the Countryside Service. 
That is when I will present our joint statement and I would recommend you attend if you can/want to. You often get a chance to submit your views in person.
   also find attached a copy of an article that appeared in yesterday's Courier.

Anthony     Link to Minutes of Mondays Meeting   Link to Courier article

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Bruce said...

The meeting was very well attended - standing room only. A report on the decisions should be posted on one of the blogs ASAP.

If you have any thoughts/objections re the proposed cuts please send to Anthony Rea (Chair, Calderdale Sustainability Forum and Calder Future) at