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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kingfisher Demise

I do hope I'm wrong here but I have been watching the KF on the Elland side of Crowther Bridge by the Fishermans car park for a couple of weeks, only today I watched it dive into the reed area where the steps go down and the tin hut is, but it didn't come out, now I might have missed it if it came out sideways quick but I waited for half an hour and even went down the steps to look for it but couldn't see it, if anybody finds it put a note on the blog please. Yours gwh


Bruce said...

Not a nice experience Graham. Lets hope you missed it.

Andy Kiz said...

Hope you missed it Graham, I had a fantastic view of it last year just yards away which was a real privelege, hope to see it again on the canal

Andy Kiz said...
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Andy Kiz said...

Good news, our beloved Kingfisher is alive and well!