Thursday, 5 January 2012

5th January 2012

A beautiful sunny day at Cromwell Bottom, my first birding trip of the year and also my Birthday!

On the car park feeders were 3 great tits & 2 blue tits.
I walked over the bridge, the river was up to nearly 2 metres and was gushing powerfully over the weir, not surpising after the weather we've had lately!

I walked over the yellow brick road route again hoping to pick up another bird of prey as on my last visit but no such luck. As I reached the top and rejoined the path down towards spider bridge I noticed some goldfinch feeding in the mud, I counted 8 in total but im sure there were more as they kept flying in and out. Another small brown bird joined them, I would say smaller and fatter than the goldfinch, brown streaked back with pale underparts streaked with black, it also had a distinct white wing bar. My thoughts after it flew off were juvenile dunnock, but on looking up on my return it could have potentially been a lesser redpoll, I really can't be sure as my photos didnt focus (how annoying!).

As I reached the bottom of the path I noticed some new feeders off to the left of the bridge, here were 8 great tits, 3 blue tits and a robin. The area was also underwater so whoever is filling the feeders up well done to you!!

Carried on into the main part of the reserves, another 2 robins, blackbird & wren (heard). 2 cormorants on the water ski lake with the usual numerous Black Headed & Herring gulls. This one seemed to be a very short trip, I think I spent too long watching the goldies! Headed back via the same route, Cormorant flew over on the way back.

Water levels starting to pick up on the lakes now which is good news, if only I could get around to see the far end of the main lake where there is open water (paths were under a good amount of water and I didnt fancy trying!). Hopefully we can clear some of the reeds in 2012...

11 Great Tit
5 Blue Tit
3 Robin
8 Goldfinch
1 Blackbird
1 Magpie
3 Cormorant
Black headed gull (uncounted)
Herring gull (uncounted)
1 Wren (heard)
1 Carrion Crow
1 little brown job!


gwh said...

many happy returns Andy and thanks for the input .
reguards gwh

Andy Kiz said...

Thanks gwh, hopefully see you on the reserve some time soon.
Didnt mention in the post 3 sets of dogwalkers by spider bridge, all on their leads at least but clearly its become an established route.

Bruce said...

Hi Andrew
You told me you were struggling getting used to your new lens. Looks like you have mastered it! These are really good pictures and an excellent report of the visit.

Andy Kiz said...

Thanks Bruce, the one of the Great Tit & Cormorant came out well but many others didnt unfortunately! I cant decide whether to go back today or try Jay House Lane, decisions decisions!